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QuickCards is the most reliable platform to sell gift cards in Nigeria.

We give the best rate and payment is instant upon confirmation of your gift card.

With QuickCards, no more loosing your cards to reapers.


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We buy the following gift Cards

iTunes card

Amazon card

Steam card

Walmart card


Vanilla & many more

Step 1:

Contact Us

Contact us on whatsapp or click here. Tell us what you want to trade and we will reply almost instantly with the rate.

Step 2:

Upload Card

Once rate have been acknowledged, you will send a clear picture of the gift card.

Step 3:

Instant Payment

Once gift card have been loaded successfully, payment will be send to any bank of your choice.

Trade Gift Cards

Walmart Gift Card

Walmart Gift Card

ebay gift card

Walmart Gift Card

Steam Gift Card

Steam Gift Card

Sephora gift card

Sephora Gift Card

Nordstrom gift card

Nordstrom Gift Card

Amazon gift card

Amazon Gift Card

Vanilla gift card

Vanilla Gift Card

Macys gift card

Macys Gift Card


Customer Feedback

I always sell my amazon gift cards to quickCards, and I get credited instantly, no story, customer care always available to talk to your needs.


Thanks to QuickCards , my mind is at rest as I know where to exchange gifts cards to naira without risk. I can’t thank you enough.


QuickCards is the best place to sell iTunes gift cards for naira, I was credited in 10 mins. Please keep up the good job! I will keep recommending you to friends.


Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I trade my gift card?

QuickCards is the best place to sell your gift cards. We offer the best rate and our payment is instant.

How will I get paid?

Upon confirmation of gift card(s), payment will be released to any bank of your choice.

What gift cards can I sell?

We do not buy Mexican, South African and Indian gift cards. Please contact us on whatsapp to get the updated list of gift card you can trade with us.

Are you available 24/7?

Of course, we are available to trade 24/7. Contact us on whatsapp to get started.

What is the minimum amount of gift card you buy?

We buy minimum of $25. However, this might change at anytime. Kindly reach out to us on whatsapp to get the updated information.